The Egyptian Air Force became the first air force outside France to buy the Mirage-2000 fighters. A squadron of 16 Mirage-2000EM single seat fighters and 4 Mirage-2000BM double seat trainers became operational in 1987 after the arrival of the aircraft in 1986. Those fighters were primary used in air defense missions using Super-530D medium range semi-active radar guided air-air missiles and RR-550 Magic II short range heat seeking air-air missiles. Egypt originally planned to buy another squadron of Mirage-2000 fighters but financial problems ended this hope so Egypt signed a contract with France to upgrade the Egyptian fighters and they were supplied by new ECM system. Now Egypt operates 18 Mirage-2000 with number 82 fighter squadron of the 252 fighter brigade at Bir-Kit AFB in multi role missions using AS-30L laser guided air-ground missiles and free fall bombes. Egyptian pilots flaying Mirage-2000 fighters took advanced training on aerial refueling with the French Air Force during several joint training programs.





Dh-60 Tiger Moth

Gloster Gladiator MK-I


Vampire FB-5

Meteor F-4







F-4E Phantom II


F-16 Fighting Falcon